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Studio Pilates


The studio classes use the Pilates method of strengthening by incorporating both mat exercises and resistance equipment based exercises.

Mat Pilates


These classes are ideal for people who have minimal injuries and would like to strengthen and tone their whole body, or people who have participated in Studio classes and have a good idea how to perform the basic Pilates mat exercises.

Benefits of Pilates


Pilates exercises can be extremely effective in improving strength and function of the body.

Our services include sports injuries management, back and neck care, pilates, massage, real time ultrasound, acupuncture and dry needling, treatment of posture related pain, headaches, work related injuries, post surgery rehabilitation and sporting club presentations.

Neck Pain

Neck pain does not only cause headaches however. Symptoms of neck pain, neck stiffness and pulling of the neck muscles are all common presentations. These can often respond well to mobilisation techniques, manipulation, dry needling, soft tissue massage, taping and exercises..

Back Pain

Whether you have back pain from an acute injury, such as performing heavy lifting incorrectly, a sports injury or motor vehicle accident, or experience postural pain from sedentary activities such as working in front of a computer, our physiotherapists are ready to help.

Sports-related Injuries

Through our treatment and rehabilitation programmes we can get you back to full fitness, or even fitter than you were before. At times when further medical review is needed we also have close associations with some of WA’s top Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Surgeons.

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