Studio Pilates

Physio+Pilates Studio

The Physio+Pilates Studio classes incorporate the Pilates method of strengthening by combining mat exercises and resistance equipment-based exercises. At Beechboro Physiotherapy we use several pieces of Traditional Pilates equipment such as Reformers, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Spine Corrector, as well as many other pieces of strengthening and cardiovascular equipment such as foam rollers, treadmill and exercise bike, TRX, BOSU, and theraband.

In order to properly assess each individual patient before commencing a program, we perform a one hour initial assessment. During this time, your Physiotherapist will use a Real Time Ultrasound to assess correct activation of the pelvic floor muscles, and deep abdominal muscles. Your Physiotherapist will take information regarding any particular injuries, medical conditions, or weak areas that you would like to address. They will assess your patterns of movement and identify any specific muscle imbalances that are contributing to these movement patterns.

It is this assessment process that allows your program to be tailored to meet your individual needs. During a Physio+Pilates studio session, each person is given a different sequence of exercises designed to focus on their particular target areas, and at a level suitable to them. Your Physiotherapist will watch and correct you as you are performing these exercises to ensure correct performance and will modify the exercise if it is too difficult at that time.

Physio+Pilates Studio sessions are run Monday to Saturday throughout the year. Appointments are essential to ensure your place.