A recovery remedy for the pace of the 21st century – introducing the Theragun (now at Beechboro Physio)

When this fast paced world that we live in, and our daily exercise routines converge, there is little to no time to rest and recover. Though we hardly advocate for this, we are aware that recoup time can sometimes be scarce. But the good news is your body doesn’t have to suffer when life goes from 0-100 and days feel like a constant juggle. The solution…theragun therapy! 

Perhaps you’ve heard talk of theraguns and you’re wondering what the hype is all about. Well, we were too, until we got some in at the clinic. So far we’ve been finding great results and here’s why.

So what is it?

Theragun Percussive Therapy (as it’s clinically referred to) is the scientifically calibrated combination therapy using speed and depth to relieve stress and tension in the muscle. By promoting blood flow deep within your muscles the recovery process is sped up. 

This world leading percussive therapy device, designed by Jason Wersland, was invented from a place of necessity. In 2008 Jason was injured in a life altering motorcycle accident which ultimately led to the creation of a machine to aid chronic muscle pain and simultaneously boycott the overprescription of pharmaceuticals. This handheld percussive therapy device has been changing the way physical therapy and rehabilitation looks for professional sporting teams, athletes, and weekend warriors since 2016.

The truth is recovery is for everyone

Now it’s transitioning from its spot on the sidelines of courts, fields, pitches and ovals for athletes as a means of recovery to homes and clinics of everyday people. Whether you’ve spent the day in the garden and your shoulders need some relief, you’ve taken the family out for a weekend bike ride, or a morning run is part of your daily ritual then your muscles need some TLC.

If you want to know more about this therapy that’s becoming more and more mainstream why not drop in for a consultation, and ask to see the Theragun in action.