Exercise During Pregnancy

When you first find out you are pregnant there is a multitude of emotions that run through you, excitement, fear, elation, nervousness, happiness and worry to name a few. My next thought was about how important it was to stay healthy during pregnancy and what exercise would be the safest for my growing baby as well as for my pelvic floor.


A recovery remedy for the pace of the 21st century – introducing the Theragun (now at Beechboro Physio)

When this fast paced world that we live in, and our daily exercise routines converge, there is little to no time to rest and recover. Though we hardly advocate for this, we are aware that recoup time can sometimes be scarce.

Hands up if you have a sore shoulder… Carefully

Autumn is a great time for getting out in the garden or perhaps getting stuck into some DIY around the house as the cooler months settle in. An unfortunate repercussion of these two activities can be shoulder pain due to subacromial impingement.

This is when the space between the head of the humerus and the arch of the scapula is compressed.

What the heck is text neck?

We’re all guilty of it in some form. Carrying out tasks that put unnecessary strain on the neck. Whether that be craning our neck over our laptops all day while working, reading a book in bed slouching, loading our lumbar spine (that’s another story), or walking from our daily public commute texting or scrolling through socials or digital news –

Getting Back Into Exercise

With the days getting longer and restrictions in WA easing, this time of year simply invites you to get out and about. After being isolated at home, a lot of people are seeing the value in better health – to eat better, to get more active and make some positive lifestyle changes.

Sound like you?

Tens in Labour

Pain relief in labour can be highly varied using various forms of pain medication. As well as these medically administered pain relief options there are also many more conservative options such as general movement, massage, warm water and TENS.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulation (TENS) has been used in the management of chronic and acute pain for many years and in the last 20 years has also been adapted to use during labour to assist with reducing the intensity of pain during contractions(1).

How’s working from home going?

So you’re still working from home! For some, this is an exciting prospect, a chance to see their family more and enjoy a more relaxed work environment. For others, however, this prospect can feel quite daunting and be logistically challenging. It’s important to have a comfortable set-up to avoid neck tension, back pain, stiff joints and even knee pain.

Strengthening your Hamstrings

As we move into March, summer sports are winding up and the focus has moved to winter sports.

The activities people do in summer often vary to the football / netball / hockey they may play through winter (or the other alternative of not doing anything over summer). This means that hamstrings can be less conditioned than they were at the end of last season.

Beechboro Physio response to COVID-19

With growing uncertainty and concern regarding COVID-19 it has been a difficult time for many in our community. We at Beechboro Physio are monitoring the situation daily so we have the most current and accurate advice available to enact plans for our staff and patients.

The health and safety of all who attend our clinic is paramount.