Beechboro Physio response to COVID-19

With growing uncertainty and concern regarding COVID-19 it has been a difficult time for many in our community. We at Beechboro Physio are monitoring the situation daily so we have the most current and accurate advice available to enact plans for our staff and patients.

The health and safety of all who attend our clinic is paramount. We have taken advice from the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Australian Medical Association, Australian Government and WA Department of Health.

We have acted on this advice to assess risk, and to deliver safe care informed by relevant guidance and the values and principles set out by the Physiotherapy Registration Board. While the risk to our community remains low at the present time we are aware that the current environment can be a source of stress for our patients. We want to do everything practicable to reduce this stress and keep our community safe.

What are we doing at Beechboro Physio in response to COVID-19?

  • Cancellation fee waived – no matter how short notice
  • Faceshield head sheets (with skirt cover for face hole)
  • Full head sheets to cover pillows
  • Hand sanitiser accessible to patients at all times 
  • Vinyl bolsters to position patient (cleaned with alcohol swabs)
  • Hourly clean of all communal areas with surface disinfectant
  • Cleaning of Pilates equipment (including mats) before and after any Pilates session
  • All Pilates attendees asked to bring a towel to their session
  • Daily steam clean of cubicle curtains
  • Removal of magazines from the waiting room 

Your health and safety underpin our actions

We want all your interactions with Beechboro Physio to be positive ones and we want you to feel comfortable attending our clinic. We want you to know that we are taking measures to keep you safe and assured.

Please feel free to speak to our reception staff or therapists about our COVID-19 Action Plan or any concerns you have at this challenging time.