One Leg Physio Test


Take the One Leg Physio Test with Beechboro Physio

Great balance can improve your health & fitness and in people 60+ can reduce the risk of falling. One Leg Physio has started the One Leg Test to see the average performance balancing on one leg in age groups. This can be done with your eyes open or closed for more of a challenge.

How the Test works:

one-leg-physio-exampleThe One Leg Balance Test

  1. Time your One Leg Balance exactly as in the image to the left. Have three attempts to achieve your best time.
  2. Retry with your eyes closed. Your best time will probably be 1/3 of your eyes open time.
  3. Record the details of your One Leg Test in the Global Balance Survey
  4. Share your #OneLegPhysio story on social media and tag your friends to do better. (Don’t forget to #OneLegPhysio)




Once you’ve done the test, try out the Difficult Dozen








The Difficult Dozen is a 12 stage testing program that starts with simple One Leg Tests and graduates to difficult tests. Challenge yourself by trying them all! Don’t forget to post it on social media with the #OneLegPhysio!

See our progress

The team at Beechboro will also be challenging themselves with the One Leg Physio Test, we will be posting videos and photos of our achievements on Facebook.

Check out the video below Melissa and Tracey giving it a go!