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A tradies’ health is their most important tool, yet Australian tradies experience some of the highest rates of injury and time off work compared to other workers. In fact, 3 in 5 serious workplace injuries involve a tradie, despite tradies making up only 30 per cent of the Australian workforce. The Australian Physiotherapy Association is encouraging all tradies, their employers and families to think about their health and take a few simple steps to prioritise their wellbeing at work.


August is Tradies National Health Month. At Beechboro Physiotherapy we are raising awareness of the risks posed to those who work in trade occupations—among individuals, their families, employers and the wider community.
While there have been improvements, Australia’s trade industry continues to have among the highest health and safety issues of any sector. Time off work due to poor health and injury has a significant impact on families, businesses and communities. This impact will grow if we don’t take steps to change behaviour – whether it’s your dad or mum, your partner, your employee, your patient or your mate, we all know a tradie and want them to place importance on their wellbeing.

Tradies, make your health the most important part of your toolkit!

APA National President Phil Calvert is asking tradies to be proactive about their health and get their muscle/joint pain issues or other health concerns seen to promptly. “We need to get tradies to prioritise their health so that they can continue to play the important roles they hold in the workforce, their families and the community at large. Australians’ reliance on the work that tradies do is huge, so we need to encourage them to seek proper, evidence-based care before their small niggles become large issues that potentially lead to time off work.”


When we think of tradies health concerns, we most commonly assume them to be musculoskeletal, such as back pain and tendon/muscle injuries. While these conditions make up the majority of tradies seeking treatment, physios also treat and manage a whole range of health conditions, from sports injuries through to chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes as well as stroke recovery, exercise prescription and the less talked about pelvic floor issues that many men face.

Physically demanding trade jobs can exacerbate all these conditions, but physio treatment can help, either through a prescribed preventive management exercise program tailored to individual needs, or as post-injury rehabilitation treatment. So don’t be a tool, see a physio to help you stay healthy and active.

Yeah but what about boots?

We often get asked about what boots we recommend for tradies, after all comfortable and supported feet are so important to completing a days work. We recommend Steel Blue Boots – they are the only safety boot endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. With Steel Blue’s strong focus on comfort and durability, the APA’s endorsement recognises the technological advancements of Steel Blue’s work boots that help protect the wearer from stress-related injuries to the ankles, knees, hips and spine.

Whatever your industry, Steel Blue have the right boots for you.

Useful Online Tradie Resources:

Go to for loads of great info.

Here are two videos that give some great suggestions on pre-work warm up activities:

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